You've landed on this page for a reason. YAY!

...And something tells us that you're tired of trying to create your business - like everyone else! You've invested in courses and coaches, watched a tonne of webinars, attended seminar after seminar, you've implemented all the strategies and it still ain't working the way you desire. 

Why? Because you are not a cookie cutter gal! You are UNIQUE and your brand should represent that too.

Let's break it to co-create it! Let's step in to a new paradigm of creating your business.

Sisterhood. Success. Soul. Sanctuary.

Do you:

  • Desire crystal clear clarity on best brand creation - unique to you?

  • Desire to create a flow of abundance?

  • Desire to create a business that is 100% true to you?

  • Desire to craft marketing and messaging that feels authentic and easy?

  • Desire to step in to a new way of feminine leadership and create the impact your called for?

We hear you. How? Because we've been in your shoes. That's why I've created a 2 DAY LIVE EXPERIENCE like never before. No one is doing it THIS WAY. And if you're still reading, something inside you is yearning for a new paradigm shift too.


What is the new paradigm?

Sisters creating business in ease, flow and alignment. Sisters supporting Sisters. Sisters inspiring Sisters. Sisters creating a new economy. Sisters stepping up and saying NO to what isn't working and saying YES to creating a NEW way.


Coming in 2018!

This is NOT:

  • A jam packed rah-rah seminar

  • In a stuffy, poorly decorated hotel room

  • An overload of information that leads to overwhelm

  • Teaching cooker cutter business models, blueprints or formula's

  • A selling fest

  • Unfulfilled promises

This is:

  • An emergence, to create your In-Demand Brand - unique to YOU

  • Mastering your authentic message 

  • Teachings to build the business that's in alignment with your SOUL’s calling.

  • Breaking the old paradigm of masculine strategies and entering in to the feminine intuitive way of building your biz.

  • Diving in to sacred rituals to connect with the earth and your soul that will ground you in success.

  • Teachings to create what you desire with ease and flow.

  • Sisterminding (AKA- Masterminding) to build a business true to you.

  • Unleashing your creativity in an inspiring space in Los Angeles.

  • The next evolution of YOU.

...All while in the sacred of sisterhood.

Culver City
Culver City

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your Host - tiffany scott 


Clarity is Power. With a clear message you can impact change. Tiffany Scott serves women entrepreneurs and change makers through building powerful messaging and community building. She defines your purpose, crafts your message and builds a powerhouse brand and community that stands for making a difference in the world.

The core of what Tiffany does is support women to step up, shine their light, shout louder and own their value. She believes the more women that step into their purpose and become a beacon for others, the more we can continue to build harmony, make change possible and pave the way for those looking for leadership.  

Tiffany is a self confessed ocean addict so when she isn't working with change makers you can find her gazing, surfing, traveling, camping or simply dreaming about it.


It's time for a change. A big change.

The majority of marketers, coaches and consultants are following an old paradigm. Processes, formulas and strategies that shout - you are lacking, you need more, buy more, to be successful you should be earning six figures in a matter of months, they tell you of fast track methods, that are in fact not and show you glitzy houses, nice cars and talk about impact, when you feel that's not what they are talking about at all...

Then you get caught in the hustle, the chase, comparison, overwhelm and inadequacy. Believe us sister, we get it. Sora and I, too got burnt out, stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and frustration of the "follow me I have all the answers syndrome."

And then we got p*ssed off. Enough was enough.

Here's the truth - You have the answers AND when held in the sacred of sisterhood you gain more clarity, courage, confidence, insight, vision and ideas.

We believe in co-creation for the new paradigm of Sister Success.

It's working. JOIN US.

C'mon Already, what's the Investment?

Guess what, this event isn't free or the typical... pay an amount and then we give you a check back at the event. Nope, no gimmicks or tricks. We believe that when you invest, you've invested in yourself!

We believe in the transformation this event will bring you and with that comes an energetic exchange! 

This event is INVITATION ONLY and we have limited space available for just 10 women, we believe in quality over quantity. We will not take your money until we all agree it's absolutely the right fit. 

Spend 2 days in a creative space, diving deep in to your business, creating your In-Demand Brand, discovering success rituals and being held in Sisterhood.


Invest in yourself.



Q: When is Sister Success LIVE?

Coming soon in 2018

Q: What time is the event?

10am - 6pm both days.

Q: Where is the location of Sister Success Live?

We will be in a beautiful location in Los Angeles. Details of the location will be sent to you once your attendance has been confirmed.

Q: Will there be onsite parking


Q: If I am from out of town where should I stay?

We suggest that you find an Air BnB in Venice,  Mar Vista or Culver City. We can connect you with other out-of-town sisters to share accommodation.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Once you have made a commitment we invite you to honor it. In the case of extreme circumstances when notice is given within 14 days of event commencement we will credit you for the next event.

Q: How do I know if this right for me?

Something tells us that if you have gotten this far your soul is calling you in to the next evolution of YOU. You're here for a reason, apply now and we can help you make the decision that is best for YOU.