When I got home on Saturday morning from my run, the TV was on. To my delight a full replay of the Royal Wedding was on YouTube. Stinky and sweaty collapsing only inches from the TV, I watched mesmerized. 

Then it hit me! Bam. I was hypnotized by the fairytale playing out in front of me. The dashing Prince and the beautiful bride. I had fallen in to the social conditioning of romanticizing the perfect union. 

Now, you might be thinking. So? What is wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with it - at all. However when we are captivated by an idea of perfectionism and idealism we can become disenchanted from the beauty in our own life's messiness and imperfection.


It's time to write new fairytales for the next generation of princesses. Being a badass damsel rather than a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. Embracing the rags and loving the riches within. Forgiving the ugly stepmothers and creating our own beautiful life.

In so (very) many ways I love what Meghan Markell stands for in the new era of Royalty. Now she has an even larger platform to share her views on feminism and diversity. She represents so much more than the fairytale.

Life is NOT a fairytale. We never know what goes on behind close doors and I have no doubt that this Prince and Princess will face their own imperfections and messiness. 

So, I watched the Royal Wedding from start to finish. I gushed at the newly in-love couple and I sent them a blessing from my soul to theirs. Royalty or not - we are all souls having a human experience.