I was recently stuck in a hotel for 5 days and it made me absolutely stir crazy. You know those kind of hotels where you NEVER have to leave. Numerous restaurants, bars, Starbucks, convenience stores, deli, multiple pools, gym, spa, etc etc...

Well after day 1, I wanted to RUN. I felt claustrophobic, trapped, stifled and anxious.

I had to do everything I could to stay present to the conference I was attending and not succumb to screaming "get me F out of here."

There were 3 things I practiced to helped me stay sane...

...Now you might think staying in a luxury hotel for 5 days isn't such a bad thing. However for someone that craves nature, fresh air and beautiful aesthetics, feeling like the walls are closing in, surrounded by manufactured nature, stale air, cold conference rooms and never ending hallways - I was feeling - yes - less than grateful.

Here are the 3 things I practiced daily:

  1. Meditation - Even if all I could manage was 5 minutes, I did it.
  2. Walking - I knew I needed to move my body. I adore running but in my slump walking was all I was motivated to do.
  3. Grounding - This is always a game changer. And out of everything this is what I encourage you to do if everything else feels hard.

Please take 15 minutes to watch this incredible video on the way grounding can heal!

Sometimes the simplest things can move us from a state of anxiety, fear, sadness or overwhelm. We often stay in those states far longer than we need to.

Do yourself a favor, practice extreme self care - every day. And if you already are - then do it even more. Love and cherish yourself - go on I dare ya.