Tiffany Scott

In fact many minds are better than one. A master of the minds is truly magical to be a part of and witness.

Last week I got witness the strength, vibrancy, vulnerability and wisdom of a collective of 27 powerful leaders at our Sister Success Live event.

I learned so much from co-creating and facilitating an experience where women could come together as individuals (and a collective) to deepen in to who they are, what their bigger vision truly is and how they can show up more fully for themselves and those they are meant to serve.

It was incredibly humbling to watch their clarity unfold, their courage shine and how they owned their truth.  

I had a vision for the Sister Success Live event 10 months ago. However I knew there was something missing. It wasn't until I met Sora Surya No that I realized that she was the missing piece.

Sora and I have been co-creating for over 6 months now and the magic keeps unfolding. As a solo-preneur I have hosted over 50+ events. To 'share the stage' with someone else has been very new to me. 

I experienced that 2 minds really are better than 1. That collaborating allows for new ideas, expansive thinking  and opens up new possibilities.

I also experienced that co-creating means welcoming new ideas, allowing expansive thinking and being open to new possibilities. I experienced that when you let go of ego, comparison and self doubt you create space for your fellow collaborator to shine in her own light, whilst knowing that it does not take away from your own.

Being an entrepreneur can feel empowering and isolating. Doing it with a partner, mentor and/or sisterhood feels empowering, invigorating, supportive and inspiring. That is why I continue to test my own boundaries of what it means to co-create with a partner, be a mentor, be mentored, live in sisterhood and forge communities.

2 are better than 1. More is better than none.

Don't do it alone. We are better together.