Last week I ran away. I ran away to be with my girlfriends. 

I decided, phoned my sisters and said those 3 little words..."I need you." 12 hours later I was packed and on the road for my SOUL SISTER ROAD TRIP! For 7 days I visited 6 incredible women in my life. I was gifted with so much clarity, wisdom, love, nurturing, full hearts and laughter.

This is what I know about Sisterhood:

  • Women in a 'room' together grow together.
  • Sisterhood is collaboration.
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging and witnessing.
  • Sisterhood is a full heart and an open mind.
  • Sisterhood is collective wisdom.
  • Sisterhood is honoring divine intuition.
  • Sisterhood is holding space.

This what I learned about Sisterhood on my Soul Sister Road Trip:

  • Women in a room together 'know' together.
  • Sisterhood is co-creation
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging, witnessing and calling me on my sh*t!
  • Sisterhood is a full heart, open mind and release of judgement.
  • Sisterhood is collective wounding and healing.
  • Sisterhood is divine vulnerability.
  • Sisterhood is asking for help.

This is what I learned about me, because of the Sisters I visited:

  • I can move through my challenges with more grace, openness and clarity when I ask for help. 
  • That each time I shed my layers each woman gifted me with shinier ones.
  • When I ask for help I am strong.
  • That I don't always know best ;)
  • That I attract powerful, loving, wise women in to my life.
  • I am so blessed that each woman made it a priority to 'see' me.
  • I will now own that each woman is a reflection of me.

I wish this for every woman. I wish every woman to go on a Soul Sister Road Trip. I wish that every woman can love, cry, laugh and hurt all while being held in Sisterhood. I wish that every woman experiences Sisterhood daily.

I wish this for you. And I know that is why we are joined here.

Thank YOU.

To my Soul Sisters from my road trip - Cathy Niezen, Melissa Indot, Erin Burch, Katy Lathan, Lien Nguyen, Dawn De La Feunte - You inspire me. Thank you. I love you.