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I want to really be open with you and share with you my biggest fear. My biggest fear is being eaten by a shark and as a surfer that has always been quite a conundrum. Spending time in the ocean where sharks dwell has often brought up a lot of anxiety for me when I've been out in the ocean. Not enough to stop me from surfing all together, but enough times to get me to paddle in. This came to the surface for me again recently. In the last couple of months there's been a lot of news around the sharks coming into the shallower waters, lots of them, some of them great whites.

For a couple of weeks I did not go surfing because I was terrified. When I did actually go surfing my imagination absolutely took hold of me, and this used to happen to me a lot when I surfed in Australia. I would be in the water and I would freak myself out so much that I would have to paddle back in. I wouldn't be able to stay out there because my imagination would literally see a shark underneath me, I would see a shadow, I would visually see in my head a shark coming up and biting me.

We all have very, very vivid imaginations and it's amazing where our fear can really take us. So the last time I was in the surf that happened to me again. I was feeling the anxiety come up and I really wanted to stay in the water. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to continue surfing. If you are connected with the law of retraction you will understand when I say what you focus on expands.

So I had this reality check, "Oh my gosh, the more I focus on this the more this could actually really happen to me." My biggest fear could actually come to life. My imagination just goes wild and gets the better of me. "This could actually really happen to me. There's something that I need to do to change this, to wipe this out of my thought process," and what came into my mind was "I am safe. I am safe, I am safe. I am held. I have the universe around me to support me. My angels." I was bringing in everything that I could in that moment and I kept saying this mantra, "I am safe, I am safe, I am safe." and the more I said it, the more I settled into fully feeling safe. In that moment I really felt absolutely 150% safe.

It was like something washed over me that had never washed over me before, and it was those three simple words, "I am safe." I really, really felt it, and for the first time ever in that moment fully enjoyed the presence of where I was, I fully enjoyed being in the ocean, fully enjoyed surfing with my surfing buddy, fully enjoying the freshness of the water, fully enjoying where I was. I wasn't lingering in the thought that there may be (and there probably was) sharks underneath me.

I wanted to share that with you because it was such a profound moment for me. I deeply felt into those three words, "I am safe." Now I believe when we experience fear in our lives, whether it's fear of not having enough money or whether it's fear of death. Whatever fear that comes up for you just try the three words, "I am safe." Also, "I am held. I am protected." And call in the divinity around you,  know that you are absolutely safe, that the world, that the universe is conspiring for you, not against you. It continues to help me. I have now brought in that simple mantra for many fears. That simple mantra of "I am safe, I am held." It brings me back into my body to know that in the present moment I am absolutely safe.

The experience was so profound for me. I would love if it's profound for you too, three simple words, "I am safe." Yes! No shark's going to come and get you either.