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Hello beautiful. I'm sure like me you've been caught up in the comparison of not having enough Facebook fans, or perhaps Instagram followers, or likes. Whatever it is, we get caught up in the social media world, the marketing world, where, we're constantly told that we need more. That we need to do more, that we need to buy more, that we need to consume more, that we need to have more of an impact. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, enough is enough. You are enough and you have enough! 

So, here's what happened to me. I've been doing more Facebook lives lately and I noticed that I caught myself looking at how many people had been watching it, and when it got to 75 people I was like, "Ugh, only 75 people." And then I though, "Wait? What am I talking about? 75 people have taken the time to watch my Facebook Live. 75 people have heard my message." So what if it's not 175 people? What if it's not thousands of people? It doesn't matter. It's not about how many people, it's about the quality of people. It's about the message that I'm sharing. That even if I effect just one person, they could have a new awakening, and they could show share that share that with someone else and affect even more change. Who knows.

It's like the ripple effect, right? So, like me, how about you stop getting caught up in the comparison of needing more, of needing more followers, and needing more marketing, and needing more this or that, and know that you're exactly where you need to be. That you are enough. That you have enough, and it's not about how many people that you have liking what you have posted on Facebook, or how many fans you have, or how many followers you have, or how many people are watching and liking your Instagram. Whatever it is for you, move aside from the comparison and know that if it's just one person, that we can live in the theory of sufficiency. That less is more. That we can create more with less. That we are exactly who we need to be. That we have enough, and that we are enough. It starts with you, and then you can effect real change.