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Today I'm talking about cracking the code of success. For those of you that have been following me for awhile or are new to following me, the one thing that I really love to talk about is people really stepping into and owning their uniqueness. Yes, I help people with their brand but what that really is, is people their unique message, and really calling forth what makes them stand out... which is exactly who they are, the beauty of who they are, and then helping them step into that. I've been really fanatical and really, really focused lately on studying the greats. I've been listening religiously to a lot of audio books of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, just to name a few and Gay Hendricks if you listened to my last vlog post. All these incredible people talk about the elements of what makes you successful, the things you need to create more prosperity, to bring more love into your life, to be healthier, whatever it is you're looking for in your life.

                                    As I've been listening to all these experts and they have their own processes, they do things in their own way. There's one common denominator I've found through all of them. There's a couple actually, but there's one real key thing that I have found from all of them that if you start implementing it into your life in a daily practice (which is exactly what I do) and it becomes a habit then it is going to take you on atrajectory for bringing more success, abundance, prosperity, health and love into your life.

Get ready....that key thing is visualizing what you want and really, like really crystal clear, visualizing and then feeling it to the point where you feel like it's already in existence. Actually, not that you feel like it's already in existence, that you know that it's already in existence. Visualizing what you want in the near future and in the far future.

                                    It might be something like - you really want to go on a vacation this year to say the Maldives, so start visualizing you being there, in that crystal clear beautiful blue water, staying on those incredible glass bottom huts you can stay in, snorkeling around the reef and experiencing the feeling and the sensation of the water on you and seeing it so clearly not only that you know that you're there in some sort of other plane but you know that it's coming to you. The other thing is maybe looking at a three or a five year plan of what you really really want in your life so to the enth degree, crystal clarity of what you want. Taking it down to the colors, to the scents, to the detail of the house that you live in, the car that you drive, the people that you're having an impact with, the stages that you're speaking on. Whatever it is.

                                    Create your perfect day where you can clearly see what it is that you want in your life and step into that day TODAY. Not only visualizing it and feeling it and seeing it and sensing it and breathing into it and also making little incremental steps. Steps that you can now. What would she or he be doing in that perfect day to day life? How would that person be? How would they show up? There's things that you can start doing now that will put you in that position of being that person. If we go back to that vacation that you're dreaming what would that person be doing to make that manifest in their life?

                                    It could be simple things like just going to the travel agent right? Or, maybe it's going online and looking at what the cost is to fly there. Or looking at the vacation rentals that you want to stay in. Maybe it's putting a deposit down. Right? Visualize your bigger vision, what does that look like? How does that person live? If you want to have somebody that cooks for you every night what do you have to do today to bring that to life? Maybe you start getting a cook to come and cook for you one day a week. Maybe you start with getting your groceries delivered. Really visualize what you want and then take the little tiny incremental steps to make it come to life.

So there's the little secret code that I've seen all the greats do. Visualize, feel it, and then take the steps no matter how small to your success. 

Here's to your success.