If you're an entrepreneur with a service based business there are 3 things that you're probably doing that is butchering your brand.

I'm gonna get straight to the point. Here goes:

1.  You're comparing yourself to others.

2. Your message is same, same (AKA - boring).

3. You're not shouting about how friggin' awesome you are.

And here's a bonus one:

4. You're trying to appeal to everyone.

Any of these sound like you? Don't fret and certainly don't beat yourself up. You're not alone. 

Here are some quick fixes for ya.

1. Do what ever you can to stop comparing yourself to others. Go on a social media strike. Whatever it takes. Affirmations, meditate, binge on inspiring books or podcasts, try all of it. Keep reminding yourself that you're AWESOME! You are on your own unique path and your tribe is craving your gifts. No one else can do YOU, like you can. Keep it that way.

2. The biggest thing that stifles our message is looking outward and not inward. Speak with YOUR voice. Do not succumb to fluffy language or fad based messaging. Get straight to the point. You know your ideal client, you know how to speak to her. And if you don't - look in the mirror. Journal, doodle, find silence and start listening to your inner voice and let her out.

3. Stop being so shy. The more you shine your light the more your tribe can find you. I'm not talking about boasting, bragging or name dropping. I simple mean share what you do from your heart. Talk about WHY you do what you do, how much it means to you and how you support those you serve. Embrace your gifts and own the wisdom that has come from the path that only YOU have walked.

4. Yes, you can help a lot of people, but you don't need to. The more you can show that you specialize in helping a certain group of people the more you will be seen as the expert in your field. Focus in on who you're most connected with. And if you're not sure who that is yet, don't worry they will find YOU. Narrowing down on your niche doesn't have to be painful, trust that it will continue to unfold.

You are you're brand. You are the biggest asset to your business, whether you produce a product or service. Keep sharing all of YOU.

Now get out there!