Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. They say successful people have 1 thing in common - the attitude of gratitude.

Well, what if life just down right sucks and the last thing you feel like doing is being ‘Miss Happy Pants’ and being grateful.

I say, don’t be. Why force something that feels unnatural. However…. wallowing in self pity will soon become boring for you and all those around you.

So start small. Find just one thing to appreciate. I prefer the word appreciation over gratitude because it feels very present. Gratitude can feel like it’s in the past or something you’re searching for.

You can appreciate a good cup of coffee, the sunshine on your skin, the smile from a passer by, a cuddle with your pooch, a phone call with a friend, the smell of flowers. I could go on and on.

Simply starting with small things to appreciate will lead to bigger things. It can lift you out of yuck to yippee quicker than you think.

So next time, take the pressure off. Appreciate the small stuff.