It’s often said that when you connect with sacred land for the first time she will often initiate you. This means that things will be given to you (or thrown at you) that will bring discomfort – and of course, lessons.

Stories of losing belongings, being mugged, missing flights, getting ill or relationships ending are just some of the stories I’ve bared witness to whilst travelling. It sounds horrible, I know, but trust me there is always a happy ending.

Guatemala with its puffing volcano’s, historic Spanish influence, beautiful lakes and ancient Mayan culture is certainly enriched with sacred land. Like magic she infused her wisdom into my being - my mind and soul was awakened (as I shared last week) with total disruption.

That was what I thought was my initiation. It was certainly uncomfortable. The questioning, the second guessing, doubt, unsettled unknowns. Alas, that was not all she had for me! Listen above how Guatemala made me angry, cry and grateful all at the same time.


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