Over the past few months, much has been unfolding. Fear, love, lies, truth, calm and overwhelm. It's been a roller coaster to say the least.

I've been in deep reflection and with so much introspection I forgot to have fun. 

As an entrepreneurial on a spiritual journey I know you can relate. It's not always easy, in fact many days it's a challenge, but I would not change it for the world. Not one bit...although don't be me wrong, I have entertained other options...like opening a Dry Bar. haha... I mean c'mon imagine how good my hair would look every dang day. 

I recently did a Global Contribution Map with some close friends and mentors facilitated by Alex Iglecia (who I highly recommend you connect with) and what unfolded was deeply profound - That my purpose work is to transform Fear to Love. Ummmmmm YES and holy crap!

It's taken me a while to step in to it because I know I have to do the work to be in integrity, so I can show others the path. And sister, let me tell you the universe been testing me. She has served me many great lessons, which I am eternally grateful for. She knows I learn by experience. Not by courses, workshops, text books, theories, guru's or podcasts. Being in the thick of it is where I truly sink and swim. 

So the question is - when we are evolving and transforming ourselves how do we evolve and transform our business - with us? For example if I only identify with being a 'Branding Expert' how does that relate to being a guiding light for transforming Fear to Love?

I work with many clients that grapple with identifying themselves as one thing when they are feeling the pull of something different. The common denominator is always the same. Your truth. If you were a lawyer turned healer, an accountant turned sharman or marketing turned women's empowerment speaker. It actually doesn't matter. Because their is connection in all of your identities.

For me as a branding expert, I help you see your uniqueness. When you stand in the power of who you truly are, fear turns to love in many, many different ways. Self love, confidence, empowerment, self acceptance etc.  So as I step more fully in to my identity of 'Love Crusader' I actually don't have to dis-regard any previous identity. And either do you. In fact you shouldn't.

I'd love to hear what identity you are transforming. Email me or post in the comment, I always love hearing from you.

Love Bombs,