There is only one of YOU. Duh. "I know that" I hear you say. However, do you really own it? Are you truly revealing who you are? Are fully showing up?

Often we wear safety masks. Masks that protect us from judgement. We want to be liked yet we want to be different. So how do you stand out and own your uniqueness if you're protecting part of who you are?

Well, I'll tell you this. It takes practice. I'm not going to feed you a song a dance about living a fearless life (ok maybe a little), a life without judgment or who cares attitude. Mind you, I was like that fact, you were too. When you were about a year old.

Along the way life showed you challenges and bit by bit you started to retreat, you showed part of yourself when it suited you and hid others. Well, it's time to be that kid again. Why? Because when you show all of you, you allow others to do the same. They get to see themselves in you. You become the inspiration, the leader, the voice, the heart for those who need you. And you get to BE YOU. And that feels pretty darn great.

It takes boldness. It takes bravery. It takes stepping outside of your comfort. It takes pushing your boundaries, every single day. Little by little, step by step. Every day pick a moment where you would hold back, wait or bite your tongue and instead, step forward, leap and speak your truth. Then listen for the words, watch eyes widen and witness what you awaken in others and in turn yourself. See the magic unfold. Your magic.