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Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first video recording of YouMeShe Collective's BLOGish. For those of you that don't know why my blog is called BLOGish, it's because when I first started my blog, I had a lot of resistance to doing it. I wasn't doing it regularly, so I was like, "Oh, it's a blog, kind of like a blog, so it's BLOGish." That's the story behind that.

Really, what I wanted to share with you today was something really important, something that I've experienced over the last couple of weeks that I know that all of you at some point in time in your life, and maybe even now as I speak too, are experiencing it as well, and that is that I've been having a grayish heavy cloud over me, and really coming from a place of low vibrational energy.

I wasn't really sure why and I was really challenged with trying to lift that into more consistent, high vibrational energy. I think a lot of it is because I'm somewhat of an empath and with what's going on in the world right now, I'm picking up on that vibration - which I'm going to save for a whole 'nother blog around how we can really lift our vibration and energy around what's happening in the USA, but there was other things that were going on as well. Normally I often come from a very high vibrational place, I just couldn't consistently keep that lifted to where it was, so I turned to the experts, I turned to some inspiration, I turned to obviously TED talks and YouTube channels and so on and so forth.

But I was going to speak at an event this week and I had to sit in a car for two hours each way, so I popped up on some audiobooks and I listened to Gabrielle Bernstein's new book, 'The Universe Has Your Back,' which I really recommend. It's a very easy read and listen. Then, I started listening to Abraham-Hicks, and again, of course sitting in that presence and hearing that energy and that constant reminder of - we are manifesters, and listening to the law of attraction, and we need to live with light and love was a really great reminder for me, things that I knew but again, it was just bringing it back so I could start to continue to embody this and remind myself that everything is okay, and everything is beautiful and abundant.

That helped. It didn't really get me to where I wanted my vibration to be, but it definitely helped. Then, this morning my coach reminded me of something that finally, it hit me over the head. Everything that I'd been listening to, everything that I know intrinsically, that I know consciously, and that I hope a lot of what I know subconsciously, because I've done so much work with my mind, is that I am the solution. You are the solution. That constant reminder that no matter where we are in our lives, if we're confused about something, if we feel blocked about something, if we're unhappy around something, if we're looking for an answer for something, we have the answers within us.

They're inside of us, and Abraham-Hicks talks about that a lot, that energy that we can tap into, that everything that we need is here. We're already those souls, those beings within us, and I'm sorry if I'm getting a little bit woo-woo for some ... Actually no, I'm not sorry if I'm getting a little bit woo-woo, because I firmly believe in the presence of our souls being within us, and I know that we have this system because I do tap into it a lot, in meditation, in prayer, in just when I run, in those quiet places when I get back to nature, where I'm out in the surf. I find my sanctuary and when I'm looking for answers, I just ask. I ask myself, I tap into me and what I need, and then I ask the universe as well.

I want you to say this with me, and I want you to say it three times. "I am the solution. I am the solution. I am the solution." Say it with a smile on your face. Feel it, lift the vibrational energy of that, and then ask yourself the question that you're seeking. Feel into any challenges that you have, and look for that guidance, and it will come. It will come from you, through you, within you. With that guidance, you can share that with the people that you're meant to serve, and this is what else I want to bring to you. Not only are you the solution to yourself, you are the solution to those that you're meant to serve.

You are the solution for those people, so if you are not being visible, if you are not shining your light, if you are being stuck behind not doing Facebook lives and not doing a video blog or not getting up on stage, or whatever it is, making your community happen and bringing that to life, whatever it is, if you're invisible, your people can't find you and you are the solution. You are the solution. One more time, three times with me. "I am the solution. I am the solution. I am the solution."

I really want to leave you with that. It had to hit me over the head from numerous different sources at different times, and I hope that I am the one that can help you hear that and feel that and own that. You are the solution. You are your own solution and you are the solution for those people that need you, so get out there and shine your light. That's enough from me for my video blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this video blog. I always love hearing your feedback, it always brings a lovely smile to your face, and I love to hear what you get the most from these blogs, so please share. Thank you.

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