I did something on the weekend that I haven't done in YEARS! I solo danced in my living room! Now, some of you are like WHAT, - I do that all the time. And some of you are like - Ahhhh yep, can't remember the last time I did that.

Either way, if you're a dedicated solo dancer, keep doing it. If you're not, well then, get dancing.

As a kid I locked myself in my bedroom and danced to song, after song, after song, after song. My 'Grease' cassette was worn to the bone. Oh and lets not forget that I truly was the girl from Flashdance, Dirty Dancing.... and Footloose.

So what happened? How did I go from 'Summer Lovin' (those my age, you knooooow what I'm talking about) to 'Uptight Girl'.

I tell you what happened I got serious. Serious about my business, serious about personal development, serious about goals, serious about relationships, serious about LIFE! So dang serious, I forgot to have good old fashioned, simple, self-induced fun!

And you know what I realized as I danced around my living room (while Rio was looking at me like a crazy person) that the kid in me was BUSTING to get out.

You've got to bring your kid in you back. It keeps you grounded AND happy AND fun!

Now, here's my promise to you. I am going to solo dance at least once a week. I'm bringing the fun back in my life. The carefree, I don't care if anyone walks in right now, fun.

Join me in the promise. Dance with me to the song that got me on my feet again.


BTW: I don't know why this particular song got me dancing again..and it doesn't really matter...at least it did.

Let's Dance!