Surfing is a mind game. I've mentioned it before. It really is survival of the fittest. If you're sitting out back with the 'big boys' you've got to be on your game. If you hesitate, flake or make a mistake there is little room for second best.

This past weekend somehow found myself out there - with the 'big boys'. It was kinda by mistake but kinda not. I was surfing really well, catching fun waves and my confidence was growing. Every time I caught a wave I paddled that little bit further in to the line up.

Then I thought - Oh my god, what am I doing out here? I don't belong here, I'm not good enough, these guys are going to eat me up! My newfound confidence vanished in an instant. I was shaken, I missed the next wave and the next one....I fell off!

My surfing session had gone from pure ecstasy to pure disaster. What was happening?

I had lost my confidence. In one fowl swoop everything changed. I had to take stock. I decided to take a piece of my own advice and change my mindset. I set my intention to get the next wave that came - no matter what. I said to myself - "The next wave I get is going to be the best wave I've ever ridden." The next wave that came through was like it was made for me. I was in exactly the right position to paddle and take off. I jumped up and rode down the face of the wave with the biggest smile on my face.

I paddled back out to passing comments of "That was a good one!" Oh yes indeed it was. Woohooo. I DID IT. I proved to myself again that confidence and belief trump everything. If I had stayed in the state of mind of "I'm not good enough" there is no way I would've surfed that wave. If I didn't convince myself the next wave was MINE, there is no way I would've been in the perfect position to catch it.

It's the same in life. If we think we can't, we won't. If we think we are not good enough, we don't. If we doubt and second-guess - we limit ourselves to so much that is truly ours whenever we want it.

So I ask you, what waves aren't you catching today?

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