I didn't know I was a feminist - or at least for a long time I didn't want to admit it. I didn't want to be likened to the stereo typical man haters, hairy arm pits or burning bra hysteria. First of all, I love men, I've spent way too much money on laser hair removal and well, uhem, I don't really need bra's - if ya know what I mean.

It took some time to be loud and proud about being a feminist. Regardless, all the signs were pointing that way. My blood would boil when I would see an oppressed woman, a chauvinistic man or an ignorant comment around 'a women's place in the home' - yes, even from women. Argh!

So what changed? Why do I own it now, and why has it become part of my brand? BECAUSE IT'S MY TRUTH. Simple. 

When you know your truth and are connected to your purpose it never goes away. It will raise up and smack you in the face or it will sneakily look at you with a gently coaxing smile from around the corner.

When you align that truth, that purpose, that spirit with your brand - well then, that's when you have a very, very, powerful potion. It's how people connect with you, be inspired by you, relate to you, advocate and celebrate you. You're why, your story is all connected to your purpose. When you lead with that message for your business and your brand you have the power of authenticity. Authenticity and transparency are a winning formula.

Some of you may be thinking...well, I don't know what my 'truth' is. And that's perfectly ok too. If you have a business that you're passionate about, start there. Don't worry, the rest will show itself, I promise. Connect with why you started it, the story behind your business, why you love it and who you want to serve. From there your authenticity will show up and then you can practice transparency.

Transparency isn't always easy, it takes courage. For instance, do you think I cringed when I shared that I don't need bra's. Sure I did. But I want you to feel like you know me and if I can share my 'imperfections' (all a matter of opinion of course) then it will be easier for you to connect with me.

Make sense? So what do you think? Is it time to start being loud and proud. Yep, go on do it for your brand. Do it for your audience. Most of all do it for you!

I'd love to hear if this helped you. Please share your insights in the comments above.