I've been camping hundreds of times in my life. Camping is a staple for me. If I'm not surrounded by nature at least once a month (or more) I go stir crazy.

I camped every night for 4 months when I travelled across Europe. And I mean in a small 2 man tent, none of this glamping stuff.

So when I packed my car to go camping last weekend, I realized two things:

  1. I've never camped on my own before.
  2. I've never ever started a camp fire!

This was going to be journey of firsts. I knew where I wanted to go - Kings Canyon. I knew why I wanted to go - I was in desperate need to reconnect with nature. I had prepared - packed clothes, food, tent and water. I planned - how long it would take to get there and how long I intended to stay. I took action - I jumped in the car and drove.

This is what I didn't do:

  1. I didn't reserve a camp spot - yes, even, in the middle of the busiest season of the year.
  2. I didn't pack fire starters -  even though I'd seen plenty of fires fail before due to, well, many reasons.

Here's what I decided on my 5 hour drive north.

  1. The universe would deliver the most perfect camping spot especially for me.
  2. I would start the most magnificent fire.

And so I tested my faith. Once I got in to the park I drove past the right information centre and followed my instinct to find my perfect camp spot. And I didn't buy fire starters at the camp store.

Despite being there 3 years before I had no recollection of where we had camped or just how big Kings Canyon was! Yes, I don't have the best memory. So I just kept driving. 30 minutes in to the park I took a turn toward a sign called Lake Hume. I had no idea Kings Canyon even had a lake.

Sean the humorous and cheerful camp host assured me he had the perfect spot for me. Followed with "Make sure you drive past the amphitheater where you will find all the firewood your heart desires". 

Boy was he right. Firstly he had placed me in a perfectly situated campsite with 2 vacant spots beside me. Total serenity. I was surrounded by stunning Sequoia trees with a perfect gap between them for sunshine and stars.

Secondly the amphitheater had an abundance of fire wood, in all shapes and sizes. It was like I had struck gold! Piles and piles of kindling, dry branches and blocks of wood. Everything you need for a mammoth fire.

And so I sat in my perfect camp spot and started my first solo fire, smiling proudly at it's blazing glory.

The moral of this story you ask?

  1. You have a vision - so know where you want to go.
  2. You have a purpose - you know why you must go.
  3. You've prepared to the best of your abilities.
  4. You've planned the best you can.
  5. You're taking action, you're doing what you can with what you know.

Now all you need to do is have faith, trust and believe the rest will be taken care of.

Now go and be a FIRE STARTER!


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