Ah, remember those days when you had play dates. Your Mom or Dad would drop you off at a friend's, or you would ride your bike around to your neighbors house or better still had a slumber party - yeah remember those good old days. Well what's changed? Oh I know, you grew up, you got all serious and ahem....perhaps even a little boring...unless you've had a drink that is - then the playful you emerges, yep you know what I'm talking about.

Am I right? I'm happy to be wrong of course. If you're still having play dates and not constantly working or thinking about your business or hustling then good for you. I commend you, but don't go just yet. You still need to stick around.

You see, if you're not allowing for play in your day, week or weekends then how is that little kid in you going to blow off steam, let loose, reconnect? You should be booking play dates at least once a week, if you're really bold every day or try perhaps 3 times a week. Reconnect with your inner child, the 'care free you', the 'who cares you,' 'I just wanna have fun you.' That's how to reconnect with who you are. That's how you connect with the simplicity of what brings you joy in your life. 

In fact its more than that, it's what makes you unique. Whether your play date, is watching sports, playing a sport, nature walks, meeting friends, entertaining or sitting in the cinema with a bag of popcorn, whatever it is, it's that something in you that gives you time out from the seriousness in your life. You get out of your head and without thinking about it, you're connecting with YOU. Some might call it escaping but I call it connecting, re-connecting. Reconnecting with the essence of you. When was the last time you had a belly laugh? When was the last time you jumped up and down with joy or shouted out loud with excitement? When was the last time you danced like you were a super star or sung at the top of your lungs?

Your playfulness, your silliness is what makes you YOU. Embrace it, love it, harness it, embody it, share it.

Now go play will ya!


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