I'm feeling so grateful today. Pheweeee, holy moly life is good. In fact I'm feeling grateful every day. If you'd asked me just 12 months ago what to be grateful for I would of had to dig really deep. I was living in a world of worry, what if's, oh no's and well... just fear.

Then I had a coach tell me to start a grateful and celebrations journal. Every day, no matter how crappy I felt I had to write down something I was grateful for. Something. Anything. The penny I found on the ground, my puppy Rio, the roof over my head, my health. I know to the enlightened beings reading this, practicing gratefulness is nothing new to you. However check in anyways - how's your daily gratefulness going? Sometimes mine goes on a slippery slope until I have to slap myself (ok, I don't really do that) and say - "hey, be grateful, the universe has got your back, all is as it's meant to be." Then I simply pull out my journal and start writing.

The transformation is incredible. Writing what I'm grateful for in the morning works best for me. Some people do it first thing in the morning AND before they go to sleep. Whatever your method, it's gonna be good, really good. How can you be worried if your writing about all the good things in your life. Right? And notice what starts to happen - more things appear for you to be grateful for. It's like planting a seed, the more you tend to it, water it, talk to it, give it life, the more it grows. The more you practice being grateful the more you have to be grateful for.  It's a WIN WIN. And who doesn't like winning?

Throwing in celebrations is great to. What's the difference you ask? Well by writing down what you have to celebrate you start acknowledging all the wins you're having. As entrepreneurs we forget to take stock of all the little and big wins we have in our business and life. For instance, do you celebrate when you get a new client? Do you do a jig or tell someone excitedly? Yes it's important to be grateful for your new client but celebrate them too. For not only because it helps your bank balance but for them. Yes, celebrate for them because they get the gift of YOU. I mean c'mon. Again it's a WIN WIN. We are just down right winning all over the place.

It's time. Be grateful - always. Celebrate. Let's all WIN. Share above what you're grateful for. Go on, inspire me.