Ooooh yes you are... 

Three things:

1. You either know you are and you fully embrace it.

2. You know you are and you don't know how to truly express it.

3. You don't think you are at all.

I've got news for you...there is no other person on the planet like you. Nope, not one. Yeah, yeah, I hear you say. Whateverrrr, so what does being unique mean anyway? Well, it means that it's your strongest asset! Why are you hiding out? Why aren't you capitalizing on your strongest asset? Huh? 

So you have a business or you are feeling a calling to do something different, to shift gears, change, take a leap. But - and the big BUT is - how do I differentiate myself from everyone else?

I'm going to let you in on a little exercise you can do to start delving in to your uniqueness. Even if you know you are a stand out, one of a kind, beacon of light. Do this anyway - you will have fun. Those of you that are a little less "hey look at me" then you may find this hard to do, but just trust me. The more you do it the better you will get at it.

Ready? Here goes...

Draw a horizontal line and then through the middle draw a vertical line. In the top left corner, write, PASSIONS, in the top right corner, write, TALENTS, in the bottom left corner, write, SKILLS and in the bottom right corner, write, EXPERIENCES.

Now starting in a clockwise direction write down your passions, then your talents and so on. Your passions are the things that you can't live without, like traveling, cooking, surfing, wine, family etc. Talents are things that come naturally to you. Think about the things you did from a young age that didn't come easily to others, like, drawing, playing musical instruments or sports. Skills are things that you developed over time, they may also be an extension of your talents, like graphic design, DJing, competitive baseball, managing people, accounting or running a business. Experiences are things that no one else experienced the way you did, such as, places and people you experienced whilst traveling, divorce, jobs, businesses, bosses, friendships, experiences that have hugely influenced your life - they are all unique to you.

This exercise will help you start to own the parts of you that are truly unique. The best way to do this exercise is to do it with someone else and then share with each other each the four parts of the quadrangle. By sharing it, other stories will emerge and you will start to clearly see what makes you unique and the importance of how your experiences shape who you are and how you can impact the world.

It's an exploratory exercise, one that you can revisit time and time again. Go on, it's time to explore your uniqueness and own it.

Share some of your findings in the comments above. I would love to hear and embrace your uniqueness with you.  Oh and a big shout our to Eiji Morishita who originally enlightened me with this exercise.

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