It's been a few weeks since I've been able to find the time to dedicate creative energy to my blog. Between working ON my business and working IN my business it hasn't left time for anything else. As a result I haven't sent my newsletter for 2 weeks. I made a commitment to send out my newsletter weekly and not only did I break that promise to myself I broke it to those that read it.

That is NOT ok. And it's not ok, because not having enough time is an excuse. Yep, you heard me.

Probably like me, you've told yourself you don't have enough time to eat healthy, meet a friend for coffee, exercise, take time off or have a nap - whatever it is - it's an excuse.

We always have enough time for things we deem important. The same goes for money - we always find money for what we really want. What are you prioritizing that isn't allowing you the time or money for what you truly need in your business and life? I'm asking you, because I've recently had to ask myself the same thing. I was overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid. And I had no-one else to blame but myself. 

I realized I was participating in time wasting activities in my business. Non- generating money and time wasting things like - ummmm, checking facebook and watching yet another webinar. When I could of been calling potential clients OR creating a webinar instead of watching one.

Prioritizing the important things over urgent things is a good start. What you believe is urgent isn't always the most important. Think about that for a minute. If you don't respond to that email RIGHT NOW are you going to lose money? Wouldn't it be more important to pick up the phone and talk to that wonderful person you met at the networking event last night that expressed interest in your services. See what I mean? Start to get really clear on what is important and what is urgent.

Also, what others believe to be most urgent isn't necessarily urgent or important to you. Remember to honor your own priorities first - of course, while still being respectful of theirs.

So I urge you to stop using not enough time as an excuse and start making time for the things that count the most.

Share your comments above on the 3 top important things you can do this week that can generate more time and money for you.