I made a boo-boo. A big one actually. 

I made a decision that backfired on me. I made the decision for two reasons. One, because it was a referral from a friend. And two - and I'm being totally honest here, because I saw it as extra opportunity for money. Not a lot of money but money non-the-less.

Any yes, it blew up in my face. I worked over the weekend to meet the deadline, I poured my heart in to the project, excited by the prospect of more work. Then I sent off the design work to the prospective client and waited for their response. Silence! I waited - not desperately but curiously. A week went by, I was busy serving my clients and continuing to build my business, when I thought - hey, I better follow up on that job because otherwise I'm going to be backed in to a deadline corner.

I sent a polite e-mail. "Hi, just checking in to see if you have feedback for the first draft of the recent design work we did for you?" Response - "Thank you, please send an invoice for your work." U-oh! Not good, this is NOT GOOD. Reply - "Thank you, I'll send you an invoice. Were the designs not what you hoped for? I am happy to hear any feedback." Response - "We didn't like it, sorry if we weren't clear on the direction, but it wasn't what we were looking for." Now if you're in the creative industry or for anyone giving a piece of yourself in your business, you will know what it's like to get a dagger to your heart. OUCH, that not only stung it went deep. 

Ego BRUISED, time to go in to self doubt mode. They don't like it, I'm the worst ever! Every failure I've ever had in my career came looming to the surface and punched me in the face. What are you doing, you're not good enough. Shame, embarrassment, disappointment, anger - they all reared their ugly heads - THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT!

Then I breathed - deeply, took stock. I pulled myself away from my desk and sat and breathed deeply some more. Tiffany, what is the lesson here? Emotions and ego aside, what are you meant to learn from this? It didn't take long to figure it out - thankfully. 

Here is what I realized. The universe slapped me across the face. I listened. This isn't the work I'm meant to be doing. I'm not saying it was beneath me - that's not it at all. What I realized is that I steered off course. My whole business is centered around conscious business owners, working with them 'closely' to establish their message so they can create an In-Demand Brand. A Brand that clearly voices it's purpose. A purpose that attracts other change-makers.

I was piecemealing! I didn't know their brand. I didn't work with them in the depths of their brand. I didn't know what their purpose was - truly - the heart of it, or even if it had a heart. I was just doing a quick fix to bring more income in to my business. This work wasn't in-line with my values, it wasn't in-line with my business purpose. I got side-tracked!

I'm telling you this, because I want you to learn from my mistake. Rejection or failure doesn't mean that you suck! It means you've got something to learn. And when you embrace the lesson you grow from it. Also - what are you doing in your business that isn't inline with your values? Do you really even know what your values are? Values drive our decisions - in all things, friendships, business, creativity, including how we spend our leisure time. It's also the core foundation of your brand. Spend some time on your values. They're important, trust me.

So there you have it, my confession in full. I'd love to hear your comments above. Let me know if this blogish gave you any insight or Aha moments.




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