Help yourself that is!

Tell me something...actually let me guess. You put others before yourself pretty darn often. Your family, partner, clients, friends, your dog/cat. And how long are you going to keep doing that for? Until you're tired, grumpy, get sick or even worse become bitter and decide to give up and become a cat lady (or man - yes there are cat men). Believe me, I've been there and ain't pretty. Burn out it is not fun. In fact, just recently I had to force myself to take a day off. I was tired all the time, crabby and just down right no fun. A foot massage and pedicure later... and resting at home with a good book and I was good as new. Ta-daaaaah!

Here's the thing, the more you give, yes the more you get AND the more you give away the more you end up giving away of yourself. I've spoken about boundaries before so I'm not getting in to that this time...this time I'm talking about giving to yourself FIRST.

FACT: The more you take care of yourself the more you can do for others. No! It's not selfish...shhhhh stop that, this is a guilt free zone. OK? OK!!!

When you take care of yourself first you are more present, less stressed, more grateful and just down right happy (yes, I know crazy isn't it) and you can give even more of yourself -unconditionally. You know the saying 'help yourself before you help others' - they don't just make this stuff up you know. When you're on a plane - why else are you told to put the oxygen mask on first? 

Ya gotta help yourself. When you cup is full, it will start to overflow in to others, you can share more of you...hmmmm...just like money, but that's for another blogish.

Self care is called self care for a reason. Give yourself time to rest, rejuvenate and play - don't forget to have fun. Push yourself to break those old behaviors and thought patterns. Now yell it - ME FIRST! ME FIRST! ME FIRST! No I'm serious yell it! It works.

Take yourself away for the weekend, get a massage, go to the movies (yes on your own), go for a walk, whatever it is. Do it! AND REPEAT.

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