I am grateful to be sharing the words of wisdom imparted to me by Dr Lois Frankel. If you missed last weeks blog - The best selling author, expert in leadership for women and executive coach and I connected to talk about women in business.

Aside from giving me some tips on my own brand, which was both insightful and helpful - remember even as the expert in your field you can always keep learning. I asked her "What advice would you give to business owners that have been invaluable to the growth of your brand". Here is what Dr Frankel said:

  • Continuously build relationships. Build them AND keep them. You never know how far in the future your relationship can serve you or those around you.
  • Give without expectation. By being generous of spirit it always comes back to you in other ways. Always.
  • Commit to your business by investing in it. By investing in you and your business it will come back 10 fold. "Pay in advance for capacity." (I love this statement!).
  • As above, hiring the right people to help you, increases synergy.
  • Be available, tell people what you are doing. If it's speaking then tell people. Make sure you are open and ready for opportunities.
  • Poor clients can be fickle. They can be loyal and love you until your prices increase. Work with those that will respect you and your services for the value you bring.

So there you have it - in summary, words of wisdom from the lady herself. What actions will you start taking right now to build your brand? Make sure you share them in the comments above.

On behalf of Dr Frankel I'd like to give a shout out about Lunafest this year. If you are in LA - this is a great way to support economically vulnerable women and enjoy a day of short films about and for women, you can grab a swag bag and attend the cocktail reception afterwards.

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