Tony Robbins

Last weekend I drove to Phoenix, Arizona. Such a beautiful drive, I was convinced that John Wayne would ride past on his horse, whip in hand and cowboy hat bobbing up and down.

Phoenix, you ask? Yes, I attended the National Achievers Congress to see the one and only superstar of empowerment Mr Tony Robbins. If you don't know him Google him, better still You Tube him!

Gone are the days of paying top dollar to be front stage to see bands, nope Speakers are my new rockstars. Yep, I'm officially an entrepreneural geek. Shhhhh, ok, laugh all you want, but it's true. This man had me starry eyed and goose bumped. 

I bought a Platinum Ticket so I could be front stage with Tony. This was an experience I knew was worth investing in. People with a purpose, a vision and a message greater than themselves, they're the people I want to be up close and personal with. They are the people I want to learn and grow from.

Some people command attention. That is what Tony Robbins does. His energy is infectious, his words are hypnotizing and his presence is commanding. I frequently looked back at 3000 people as they jumped up and down, hugged each other, massaged each other (yes total strangers) and laughed and cried and was in awe of the influence he had over the stadium.

His message changes people, at the very least it leaves you inspired not to settle for the status quo.

Tony Robbins is the father of 'life coaching'. He empowers people to transform their lives. He is an incredible example of a BRAND. He knows his message, he is clear on his message, he delivers his message over and over and over again. He has a vision, he has a mission and he delivers his promise consistently and congruently time and time again.

No matter what product or service you are offering. Your brand starts with YOU. Be your best brand. And make it bigger than YOU.