I don't know about you but I'm a goosebump magnet. Yes, I feel the cold but that's not what I mean. You know when you feel a 'presence' and your hair stands on end. Or someone is telling you a story and you get goosebumps.

Lately I've been getting goosebumps a lot more. When I do deep work with my clients I get goosebumps frequently. If I'm listening to people speak on stage I get goosebumps. This happened to me just the other day and I got to thinking. I know it must be based on energy - mine or people near me but what does it really mean?

I was getting goosebumps so often that I couldn't ignore the energy around it. That afternoon when I was focussed on the increased ferocity of my goosies I jumped in my car and popped on an audio interview. It was one I'd had for almost a year and never gotten around to listening to. It was a Hay House Interview with the infamous financial expert Suze Orman. She was talking about wealth creation and how our income is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves AND then she started talking about goosebumps!

I couldn't believe it. Not within an hour of me focussing on my goosebumps she answered my question. Goosebumps or 'Kreas' (I'm guessing the spelling, Google didn't pull through this time) as called by the old Sages, happens when the TRUTH is being spoken.

Now that feels like the truth to me. It also got me thinking how important it is in our business to be in touch with our inner guidance. I'm sorry if this is too woo-woo for you but I'm not stopping now. When we are fully present for our clients we are able to give guidance and support beyond at times what we think we are capable of.

By tapping in to all that's available inside us, not only do we become better entrepreneurs we become better versions of ourselves across all facets of our lives. Call it intuition, divine downloads, inner voice, whatever you call it - just remember to listen to it regularly. You can always summon it when you need it.

Now, I bet you don't think about Goosebumps the same again. Or if you were already enlightened about the almighty Goosebumps I hope this serves as a good reminder.

And if you know how to spell 'Kreas' or have more information on the Old Sages and Goosebumps please share in the comments above.


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