Dr Louis Frankel

'Nice Girls Don't Get Rich' according to Dr Lois Frankel, famed expert in leadership development for women, executive coach and author. So, ahem, does that mean I have to be a b*tch? Pardon my french but c'mon isn't that precisely what women leaders are often struggling against. Trying to find the balance between authority (oh she's a ball-breaker) or the nice girl (oh she's a walk over).

What am I - Nice or Nasty? Well the fact is I'm nice. I'm not nasty - ok sometimes in the morning I'm pretty grumpy - gimme me a break. However, Dr Frankel actually isn't advocating to get ahead we can't be 'nice' rather, that we need to have boundaries. AND we need to stop ignoring or accepting social conditioning.

Yep, some heavy stuff, kinda, not really, actually, it's simply the truth (oh my, I just got goosebumps). As women we aren't conditioned to 'play to win' like men are, we often work for a salary less than men, or don't charge our true worth or we give away our time, we nurture others before ourselves - family, friends, pets, next door neighbors - anyone! Oh and heaven forbid if we do put ourselves first - we're selfish or feel bad!

Are we MAD? Of course we have to fill our cup first? How can we fully give to others if we aren't taking care of ourselves first. Why else do they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first on the plane? We can be RICH, because the more money we make the more we can serve others. And guess what - Dr Lois Frankel showed me just that when I met her last week.

She offered me an hour of her time for free! Yep - the famous master of women's leadership who has written 5 best sellers, who has worked with powerhouses such as Disney, BP and Warner Brothers is giving me her time. And you know what she said "I'm in a position in my life now where I can completely give back." WOW. Now that's powerful stuff and inspiration enough to want to follow her lead.

I'm filling my cup. I'm gonna be a nice girl who has boundaries, who doesn't accept the status quo and who will fight for women's equality for more women leaders and for more Rich Girls. Who's filling their cup too? C'mon let's be rich together.

Ok guys you can come along for the ride as well.

Remember the more we get, the more we can give. The more we give, the more we get. It's a beautiful cycle.