I just returned from one of the most powerful experiences I've had in a long time. Nestled in the lush green forest in Ubud, Bali, a convergence of exceptionally committed and powerful women (and a few men) gathered for the Awakened Woman Conference.

For 6 days we joined in celebration, ceremonies, stories, tears and laughter - with a united goal to bring change to the world - using our collective feminine power.

If you don't already know, let me remind you that I firmly believe that the world has been out of balance. We have been operating in predominantly masculine energy. There is a huge imbalance. Myself included - yep guilty!

Now, I'm not about to get all man hater on you. No, no, no. We need men. What we need more of is a balance of the masculine and the feminine. How do we do that? Well, it starts with sisterhood. It also starts with men supporting sisterhood AND embracing their own femininity.

My vision is that 'ALL Women Unite in Love, Support and Celebration'. For 6 days, I saw how this vision can exist. I witness the power of it in it's wholehearted, full out, capacity. I was blown away by how strong, vulnerable, supportive and collaborative the 120+ women in Bali were. We held space for each other, lifted each other, cried for each other, laughed with each other and sent out such a high vibrational energy for 14 hours a day over 6 solid days that I never once felt tired.

When women come together without judgment, without competition, without threat or expectation and only with open arms, full hearts, giving generously - magic happens. Our lives and others can be truly affected by the power of unity, oneness and total abundance. 

I've spoken of this numerous times before. I've witnessed it in small doses, but less than a week ago I witnessed in full force. I thought I knew what sisterhood was until I attended The Awakened Woman Conference. Now I am truly in awe and inspired by what Sisterhood is. I want more, I want to bring you more and I want it for EVERYONE.

Melissa Mackay and Phoenix Muranetz have created an 'Awakened Woman Movement'. It's a collective movement that will grow with those that support it. However as they say "WE are creating it". It's a co-creation of sisters in sisterhood. They had a vision, they followed that vision and I have no doubt their vision has far exceeded their expectation. It is now bigger than them.

What moves you? Because what moves you will grow. It can grow to be bolder than any dream you ever allowed yourself to imagine. What moves you enough to take action that you will make change possible, in your life, in other lives, in your country or the world?

Whether it be sisterhood, environmental change or political endeavors. You have the power within you to move whatever you want. All you need is inside you. Make a difference. Let's begin!