What are some of your non-negotiables? For instance, you only eat organic produce, or you won’t date someone with bad shoes, you have to sit in the aisle seat, or you won’t take buses.

We all have things that we won’t budge on. Regardless of what it is, your standards are important. Think about when you’ve had to lower your standards – you negotiated on your non-negotiables. How did that make you feel? Most of the time, not great, right. And you probably uttered the words “Never again” or “I should’ve known better”.

The thing is…you should have standards for EVERYTHING. If you are clear on what your standards are you will only attract that level of standard. Here is an example. I have a friend that has a high standard of everything! Fine wine, great food, designer clothes, furniture, you name it, the bar is set high. She drives a BMW, has a pedigree dog and her circle of friends are all high flyers. Now you maybe thinking argh! How pompous. But again, it doesn’t matter what you think. That is her standard. And guess what, she always attracts that high standard time and time again.

Think about it. How many people do you see or know and wonder “how do they just keep landing on their feet?” They get the dream job, or their business goes from strength to strength, they always get the prime parking spot or the adorable partner.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but when you have non-negotiables, the universe will constantly be working to ensure your standards are met. In every facet of your life be clear on exactly what you expect. Money, relationships, career, health, anything and everything.

Now, the same goes for your Brand. People have an expectation of you, your services, your mission, your purpose, your vision. They expect you to be consistent, be a leader, stand out and be who you say you are. You gotta walk the talk. What you promise is non-negotiable.

The way you show up consistently is what creates the ‘stickiness effect’. Once people know you always deliver (and over deliver) on your service you will create raving fans, you will attract your ideal clients and you will start generating the income you desire.

But remember you have to put in place your own standards. What level of service are you committed to giving, who is your ideal client, what is your non-negotiable income level?

Know your non-negotiables, set your standard and be your best brand.

Share in the comments some of your newly established non-negotiables.