Albert Einstein

Creative energy that is!  Regardless of what you think, EVERYONE is creative. Just because you can only draw stick men and women doesn't mean you're not creative. And by the way, you can teach yourself to draw. Just like you can teach yourself to sing. Look out, those who hear me try!

We are all creative beings, after all, we can pro-create - right. But seriously, problem solving, strategy, planning, coding, it's all creative energy. Einstein said it best "Creativity is Intelligence have fun."

You can tap in to your creative energy in many different ways. Here are 3 keys to finding your creative energy:

  1. Take a shower! Think about it. How many times have you come up with great ideas in the shower - or ahem on the 'throne'. It's really about finding a quiet uninterrupted place to ponder your thoughts - where ever that may be. Ask yourself a question that you need a solution to and see what comes back. Wah-lah! It's that simple. It's what you do with that idea that counts.
  2. Two minds are better than one, so is three or four or even more. You've heard of brainstorming right? Get together with someone and start throwing around some ideas. Soon enough you will be in a flow of creativity. Once again it's what you do with your ideas that count!
  3. Go and research the topic you're working on. It's called getting inspiration - I know - daaah. There is nothing better than seeing what's out there, pulling from resources and making it your own. No idea is a new idea. Someone somewhere, has either thought of it or done it before. It's what you do with it that counts! 

I'm sure you're familiar with these principles, it's not rocket science. But truly, what are you doing with your creative ideas? Are you following through with them or squashing them. Trust your own creative energy, be bold, take action and bring your creativity to life.

Be bold, share in the comments some of the best ideas you came up with in the shower.




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