As per my Instagram post today - DO NOT MAKE FEAR BASED DECISIONS!

You will read/hear me discuss fear a lot and its because so often we let it rule out lives.

Too many times I see people not make a commitment to move forward with their dreams because they are afraid to take risks. Too many times I see people stuck in unfulfilling relationships because they are scared of change. Too many times I witness amazing, talented and beautiful people stuck in a life less worthy of what they are here for because they are afraid of the unknown. You owe it to yourself and others to live without fear to embrace life's challenges with open arms. Once you take risk and take action and own your path life will open doors you never thought possible.

Don't let fear rule your mind!

You can learn to live with your fear, fear is primal and there for a reason, however in this day and age we don't need to run from wild animals - well, ok, maybe sometimes but... if you channel fear in the right way you can conquer things you never thought you were capable of.

Here's something I do to channel my fear. I focus on my goal, I sit and envision that I've reached that goal for 1 to 5 minutes, taking deep soothing breaths. I imagine it as vividly as I can. When I'm done I then say out loud; I am an incredible human being, I am capable of all that I desire, I am unique and there is no one else in the world like me. Thank you Universe for allowing me to ...............(whatever it is).

Remember, you are in control of your thoughts. Thoughts become things.