As an entrepreneur it's easy to get caught up in the business of your business. We are all guilty of it at one stage or another. I think that's why when I instagrammed about it on Sunday - as I lay in my hammock in an almost empty campground it resonated with so many people.

It's important to take time out from your business. Each week you should be dedicating time to rest and play. Without allowing your mind to relish in the joy in life your creative energy will become stifled. Without allowing your mind to rest and think freely as you gaze over a sunset or bask in the sun whilst reading a book your creative imagination will not be able to roam free.

Are you getting enough sleep, are you laughing enough, how creative are you truly being? As much as you are planning and dedicating time to your business it is equally important to dedicate time to the simplicity of life and enjoy it. Sit back, look up, look around you and take in what you have achieved and celebrate it with a movie (a comedy) and then you've killed two birds with one stone.

Now go on - 1 day a week of rest please! And make sure you are doing something that brings you joy least once a day. You'll see the difference it makes - I promise.