Tears, oh yes, tears today.

You know that feeling when you know your living life's purpose. When you are making a difference in peoples life, in a little or big way - you are contributing to a better world. You are truly living the life you dreamed of.

Well I reflected today and was so overwhelmed with gratitude that tears of joy just flooded down my face. Thank gawd it wasn't an ugly cry  - you know that uncontrollable sobbing when your, lets say - less than happy, no,no, these were happy tears.

It was all sparked by someone leaving a comment on my Facebook page, they saw my post and it shifted their mindset, it helped them look at their current situation and move towards a positive change. It's my goal to inspire one person a day, a friend, a stranger, family member whoever, it doesn't matter. It's just one of the ways I give. It's super rewarding.

So I reflected on the people that showed me gratitude for helping them in big and small ways and I had this total moment - of oh my god, I'm doing it, I'm living the life I set out to live.

Whoa, what an incredible feeling! I want you to know if you don't feel like you're there yet, that you will be. But truly already you are, because you are on purpose, you have a vision, a goal, a yearning for something more, a better life for you, for others and we need more of you, much more.

Stay on your path, keep on keeping on, believe, have faith and know that its there waiting for you.