Conquer your Fears. Easier said than done right?!

We will always have fears, it's how we manage them that'll either propel us forward or keeps us stuck. For instance I have a real fear of sharks, which OK, who doesn't! Well let me tell you, this girl, when growing up, couldn't swim alone in her backyard pool for fear of sharks. Thank you very much JAWS. Argh!

And here's the kicker - I surf!

So what do I do? Not surf - hell no. Every time I enter the water I have to conquer that fear. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Some days clouds are covering the sky, the ocean is ferocious, the water is murky, seaweed is getting tangled around my leg rope and far too many fish are jumping from being chased - uhem, by what?!!? Some days mother nature provides beautiful rolling perfection, the water is so clear I can see all way to the bottom, the sun is glistening on the water and kissing my face. I don't have time to think about my fears because I'm in the moment enjoying the feeling of explicit freedom riding wave after wave. 

Whether you are facing a fear of sharks, stage fright, starting a business, stepping in to who you are, increasing your prices, whatever it is, acknowledge your fear and then move forward anyway. On the other side of the murky water is the freedom and joy of following your dreams. 

You can do, be, have, anything you want. Don't let fear stand in your way. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt - " do one thing every day that scares you".