Have you ever tried to meditate? Love it? Hate it? Or is it part of your daily ritual? Cudos to you!

The truth is, meditation doesn't always come easy to me. 

For the first few weeks, I was fidgety, my mind was rarely still, lots of chatter, I'd go through my to do list, day dream about what I was going to have for lunch (after just finishing breakfast), let my puppy distract me with a cuddle....any distraction would do. But I wanted to feel that 'zen' that everyone talks about, that stillness of the mind, the ability to get in touch with my intuition, you know all that woo woo stuff - so I kept persisting.

Low and behold guess what happened?! After 24 days straight of meditating I was sitting there focussing on my breath, peacefully, calmly and I felt like my whole body was lifting off the chair. I think they call that levitating! Yeah! No kidding. It was so cool. So, I was like, gimme more of that!

The reality is that our minds are busy little bees, always distracting us from some of the important stuff in life - like really getting in touch with your inner being. It wants to keep you safe, control you, so by meditating it creates stillness, it allows you to really ask and receive inner guidance.

OK! OK! Enough of the woo woo stuff....BUT I do urge you to try it out or keep doing it - whatever way your swinging right now - swing towards the power of a still mind, a mind that doesn't road block you but rather allows you to put the ego aside, the fear, worry and overwhelm and connect with the reality that you are your own guiding light...whoops got woo woo again - but you know what I mean.

I urge you to share your meditation struggles and breakthroughs with me below. The more we share the more we learn.