When I started YouMeShe Collective I decided I wanted to inspire at least one person a day. It warms my heart when someone tells me that something I posted changed their perspective or shed light on a tough day or made them smile. It makes my day complete.

Last night I watched an incredible interview with Brene Brown. I looooove her! Every damn thing that comes out of her mouth is inspiring. I applaud her for her vulnerability and leadership. There is room for more Brene's in the world.

In her new book Rising Strong Brene talks about "Getting your ass kicked, learning something, getting back up and then going back in." "That if your brave enough often enough you are going to fall."

Here is a snippet I want to share with you. As a creative entrepreneur it's so good to hear someone truly recognizing the life of a creative.

"When you're a creative, every day you wake up and you walk in to the dark, every day you bare your heart - with your life and your work, you show us something that you've made and something that you've done and something that is important to you and it never goes well every time. But it's your job to either dismiss the feedback that's going to be hurtful and not going to be helpful or bring in the feedback that's helpful and get back up. You have to get back up for a living. Every day".

No one gets that better than a creative.

And for all of you out there that are striving towards the life you want to live, remember not to be afraid of failure, it's part of the journey, you need to fail to succeed. Seek inspiration and the support you need to ensure you stay on your path and each day you will be closer to living your dream.