We all have a story, in fact we have more than one. But how do you find that story that really captivates an audience. One that warrants writing a book, speaking in front of 100's or even blogging about?

Our journeys are our stories, they are what makes us unique. No one else has exactly the same story as you. Our stories are the defining things in our lives that shape who we are. Stories, when moulded and told well become fused with a message, a purpose and spirit that inspires and motivates. 

Finding our story requires some digging deep...or for some some it's right there for the taking. The main thing to remember is whatever your story is, the one you want to share with a larger audience, the one you use to spread your message, to connect with your tribe - you have to be on the other side of it. No victims aloud, only a hero's story. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. No one wants a pity party. We want to hear your story of triumph how you conquered and survived, how you made it to the other side. 

When you connect with your own story and see the value in your journey and how it impacted you and better yet how it can impact others, that's where the beauty lies. When you start to truly recognize that your story, your journey, that your triumph is part of your purpose, that's when you are on track to leaving the impact you were meant for.

Think about it. Reflect back on your journey, the ups, the downs, the lessons learned. You know that you wouldn't be who you are today without those lessons. Yep they weren't fun all the time, however, that tipping point where you survived the heartbreak, the tragedy, the illness, the injustice and now you see the good in the not so good - that's you're story.

For some of you this isn't anything new so this is just a reminder to connect or re-connect.

There is a very distinct story in your life that has brought to where you are today. And if you don't where that 'where' is start digging, it's there. When you realize it, that clarity is powerful and so are you.

Own your journey, own your story and be the powerful person you truly are.