Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. They say successful people have 1 thing in common - the attitude of gratitude.

Well, what if life just down right sucks and the last thing you feel like doing is being ‘Miss Happy Pants’ and being grateful.

I say, don’t be. Why force something that feels unnatural. However…. wallowing in self pity will soon become boring for you and all those around you.

So start small. Find just one thing to appreciate. I prefer the word appreciation over gratitude because it feels very present. Gratitude can feel like it’s in the past or something you’re searching for.

You can appreciate a good cup of coffee, the sunshine on your skin, the smile from a passer by, a cuddle with your pooch, a phone call with a friend, the smell of flowers. I could go on and on.

Simply starting with small things to appreciate will lead to bigger things. It can lift you out of yuck to yippee quicker than you think.

So next time, take the pressure off. Appreciate the small stuff.







If you're an entrepreneur with a service based business there are 3 things that you're probably doing that is butchering your brand.

I'm gonna get straight to the point. Here goes:

1.  You're comparing yourself to others.

2. Your message is same, same (AKA - boring).

3. You're not shouting about how friggin' awesome you are.

And here's a bonus one:

4. You're trying to appeal to everyone.

Any of these sound like you? Don't fret and certainly don't beat yourself up. You're not alone. 

Here are some quick fixes for ya.

1. Do what ever you can to stop comparing yourself to others. Go on a social media strike. Whatever it takes. Affirmations, meditate, binge on inspiring books or podcasts, try all of it. Keep reminding yourself that you're AWESOME! You are on your own unique path and your tribe is craving your gifts. No one else can do YOU, like you can. Keep it that way.

2. The biggest thing that stifles our message is looking outward and not inward. Speak with YOUR voice. Do not succumb to fluffy language or fad based messaging. Get straight to the point. You know your ideal client, you know how to speak to her. And if you don't - look in the mirror. Journal, doodle, find silence and start listening to your inner voice and let her out.

3. Stop being so shy. The more you shine your light the more your tribe can find you. I'm not talking about boasting, bragging or name dropping. I simple mean share what you do from your heart. Talk about WHY you do what you do, how much it means to you and how you support those you serve. Embrace your gifts and own the wisdom that has come from the path that only YOU have walked.

4. Yes, you can help a lot of people, but you don't need to. The more you can show that you specialize in helping a certain group of people the more you will be seen as the expert in your field. Focus in on who you're most connected with. And if you're not sure who that is yet, don't worry they will find YOU. Narrowing down on your niche doesn't have to be painful, trust that it will continue to unfold.

You are you're brand. You are the biggest asset to your business, whether you produce a product or service. Keep sharing all of YOU.

Now get out there! 



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Let’s be real. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. It can feel downright hard, at times. Especially when you are in the early stages of building your biz. We are marketed to about quick fix courses, making 6 figures in 6 weeks etc etc. Which let’s face it that’s the top 1% of people and who knows how long it took them to get there - right!

Here’s the down and dirty truth about the things that I find really challenging about being an entrepreneur:

  1. I can get overwhelmed in the enormity of my dreams it can feel unachievable by lil’ ole’ me.

  2. I see people doing what I want to do, implementing the same ideas I have, creating a kick-ass biz, making a bucket load of money and I can feel defeated.

  3. I’ve spent money on marketing that’s totally bombed and done a tonne of work that’s left me exhausted and disenchanted.

  4. I feel like I should be a lot further ahead in my business than I am.  

  5. Money is flowing out quicker that it’s coming in.

Relate to any of these? I’m with you Sister.

Here’s what I remember when I am facing fear and doubt:

  1. I can start with my most inspired idea and take just one small step.

  2. Sure, there are many sisters doing incredible things. AND - “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I am on my own path and with a vision, faith, focus and trust - success is inevitable.

  3. Investing money is part of growing a business. Whether I am investing in marketing, education or coaching it always comes back 10 fold - just not always in the ways (or timing) I expect.

  4. We always overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 5. Patience is a virtue - which I’m still learning ;)

  5. Money loves clarity and flow. Embracing the manifestation of money whilst running a business is ongoing journey of learning and upleveling.

Sometimes the hard times are really hard. The truth is even then I can’t imagine doing anything else. Heck - I get to go and get my nails done in the middle of the day if I want to. I don’t have to ask permission to take an extended vacation - even better, I can take as many as I desire. Most of all. I get to create a business that’s inline with my purpose. I get to birth ideas from nothing - whether they fail or succeed. I’m on the greatest spiritual journey of my entire life. I fully get to own all my weaknesses and strengths. There is nowhere to hide! And there is no limit to the amount of money I can make.

You’ve got this sister!


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It’s often said that when you connect with sacred land for the first time she will often initiate you. This means that things will be given to you (or thrown at you) that will bring discomfort – and of course, lessons.

Stories of losing belongings, being mugged, missing flights, getting ill or relationships ending are just some of the stories I’ve bared witness to whilst travelling. It sounds horrible, I know, but trust me there is always a happy ending.

Guatemala with its puffing volcano’s, historic Spanish influence, beautiful lakes and ancient Mayan culture is certainly enriched with sacred land. Like magic she infused her wisdom into my being - my mind and soul was awakened (as I shared last week) with total disruption.

That was what I thought was my initiation. It was certainly uncomfortable. The questioning, the second guessing, doubt, unsettled unknowns. Alas, that was not all she had for me! Listen above how Guatemala made me angry, cry and grateful all at the same time.


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Over the past few months, much has been unfolding. Fear, love, lies, truth, calm and overwhelm. It's been a roller coaster to say the least.

I've been in deep reflection and with so much introspection I forgot to have fun. 

As an entrepreneurial on a spiritual journey I know you can relate. It's not always easy, in fact many days it's a challenge, but I would not change it for the world. Not one bit...although don't be me wrong, I have entertained other opening a Dry Bar. haha... I mean c'mon imagine how good my hair would look every dang day. 

I recently did a Global Contribution Map with some close friends and mentors facilitated by Alex Iglecia (who I highly recommend you connect with) and what unfolded was deeply profound - That my purpose work is to transform Fear to Love. Ummmmmm YES and holy crap!

It's taken me a while to step in to it because I know I have to do the work to be in integrity, so I can show others the path. And sister, let me tell you the universe been testing me. She has served me many great lessons, which I am eternally grateful for. She knows I learn by experience. Not by courses, workshops, text books, theories, guru's or podcasts. Being in the thick of it is where I truly sink and swim. 

So the question is - when we are evolving and transforming ourselves how do we evolve and transform our business - with us? For example if I only identify with being a 'Branding Expert' how does that relate to being a guiding light for transforming Fear to Love?

I work with many clients that grapple with identifying themselves as one thing when they are feeling the pull of something different. The common denominator is always the same. Your truth. If you were a lawyer turned healer, an accountant turned sharman or marketing turned women's empowerment speaker. It actually doesn't matter. Because their is connection in all of your identities.

For me as a branding expert, I help you see your uniqueness. When you stand in the power of who you truly are, fear turns to love in many, many different ways. Self love, confidence, empowerment, self acceptance etc.  So as I step more fully in to my identity of 'Love Crusader' I actually don't have to dis-regard any previous identity. And either do you. In fact you shouldn't.

I'd love to hear what identity you are transforming. Email me or post in the comment, I always love hearing from you.

Love Bombs,








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Tiffany Scott

In fact many minds are better than one. A master of the minds is truly magical to be a part of and witness.

Last week I got witness the strength, vibrancy, vulnerability and wisdom of a collective of 27 powerful leaders at our Sister Success Live event.

I learned so much from co-creating and facilitating an experience where women could come together as individuals (and a collective) to deepen in to who they are, what their bigger vision truly is and how they can show up more fully for themselves and those they are meant to serve.

It was incredibly humbling to watch their clarity unfold, their courage shine and how they owned their truth.  

I had a vision for the Sister Success Live event 10 months ago. However I knew there was something missing. It wasn't until I met Sora Surya No that I realized that she was the missing piece.

Sora and I have been co-creating for over 6 months now and the magic keeps unfolding. As a solo-preneur I have hosted over 50+ events. To 'share the stage' with someone else has been very new to me. 

I experienced that 2 minds really are better than 1. That collaborating allows for new ideas, expansive thinking  and opens up new possibilities.

I also experienced that co-creating means welcoming new ideas, allowing expansive thinking and being open to new possibilities. I experienced that when you let go of ego, comparison and self doubt you create space for your fellow collaborator to shine in her own light, whilst knowing that it does not take away from your own.

Being an entrepreneur can feel empowering and isolating. Doing it with a partner, mentor and/or sisterhood feels empowering, invigorating, supportive and inspiring. That is why I continue to test my own boundaries of what it means to co-create with a partner, be a mentor, be mentored, live in sisterhood and forge communities.

2 are better than 1. More is better than none.

Don't do it alone. We are better together.






Last week I ran away. I ran away to be with my girlfriends. 

I decided, phoned my sisters and said those 3 little words..."I need you." 12 hours later I was packed and on the road for my SOUL SISTER ROAD TRIP! For 7 days I visited 6 incredible women in my life. I was gifted with so much clarity, wisdom, love, nurturing, full hearts and laughter.

This is what I know about Sisterhood:

  • Women in a 'room' together grow together.
  • Sisterhood is collaboration.
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging and witnessing.
  • Sisterhood is a full heart and an open mind.
  • Sisterhood is collective wisdom.
  • Sisterhood is honoring divine intuition.
  • Sisterhood is holding space.

This what I learned about Sisterhood on my Soul Sister Road Trip:

  • Women in a room together 'know' together.
  • Sisterhood is co-creation
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging, witnessing and calling me on my sh*t!
  • Sisterhood is a full heart, open mind and release of judgement.
  • Sisterhood is collective wounding and healing.
  • Sisterhood is divine vulnerability.
  • Sisterhood is asking for help.

This is what I learned about me, because of the Sisters I visited:

  • I can move through my challenges with more grace, openness and clarity when I ask for help. 
  • That each time I shed my layers each woman gifted me with shinier ones.
  • When I ask for help I am strong.
  • That I don't always know best ;)
  • That I attract powerful, loving, wise women in to my life.
  • I am so blessed that each woman made it a priority to 'see' me.
  • I will now own that each woman is a reflection of me.

I wish this for every woman. I wish every woman to go on a Soul Sister Road Trip. I wish that every woman can love, cry, laugh and hurt all while being held in Sisterhood. I wish that every woman experiences Sisterhood daily.

I wish this for you. And I know that is why we are joined here.

Thank YOU.

To my Soul Sisters from my road trip - Cathy Niezen, Melissa Indot, Erin Burch, Katy Lathan, Lien Nguyen, Dawn De La Feunte - You inspire me. Thank you. I love you.