Learn what it means to be a 'socially conscious entrepreneur' and how to make a larger contribution through your work.





Learn the different ways we have found healing and why we believe that personal healing helps your business.





Sora and I share why Sisterhood is everything to us, what it means and how it has shaped our personal and business journey's.





Sora and I share how travel has shaped our life and businesses and how bringing all that you love is key to your success.





Sora and I share why we love creating experiences. And how our selfish ways paid off!






Tiffany Scott

In fact many minds are better than one. A master of the minds is truly magical to be a part of and witness.

Last week I got witness the strength, vibrancy, vulnerability and wisdom of a collective of 27 powerful leaders at our Sister Success Live event.

I learned so much from co-creating and facilitating an experience where women could come together as individuals (and a collective) to deepen in to who they are, what their bigger vision truly is and how they can show up more fully for themselves and those they are meant to serve.

It was incredibly humbling to watch their clarity unfold, their courage shine and how they owned their truth.  

I had a vision for the Sister Success Live event 10 months ago. However I knew there was something missing. It wasn't until I met Sora Surya No that I realized that she was the missing piece.

Sora and I have been co-creating for over 6 months now and the magic keeps unfolding. As a solo-preneur I have hosted over 50+ events. To 'share the stage' with someone else has been very new to me. 

I experienced that 2 minds really are better than 1. That collaborating allows for new ideas, expansive thinking  and opens up new possibilities.

I also experienced that co-creating means welcoming new ideas, allowing expansive thinking and being open to new possibilities. I experienced that when you let go of ego, comparison and self doubt you create space for your fellow collaborator to shine in her own light, whilst knowing that it does not take away from your own.

Being an entrepreneur can feel empowering and isolating. Doing it with a partner, mentor and/or sisterhood feels empowering, invigorating, supportive and inspiring. That is why I continue to test my own boundaries of what it means to co-create with a partner, be a mentor, be mentored, live in sisterhood and forge communities.

2 are better than 1. More is better than none.

Don't do it alone. We are better together.






Last week I ran away. I ran away to be with my girlfriends. 

I decided, phoned my sisters and said those 3 little words..."I need you." 12 hours later I was packed and on the road for my SOUL SISTER ROAD TRIP! For 7 days I visited 6 incredible women in my life. I was gifted with so much clarity, wisdom, love, nurturing, full hearts and laughter.

This is what I know about Sisterhood:

  • Women in a 'room' together grow together.
  • Sisterhood is collaboration.
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging and witnessing.
  • Sisterhood is a full heart and an open mind.
  • Sisterhood is collective wisdom.
  • Sisterhood is honoring divine intuition.
  • Sisterhood is holding space.

This what I learned about Sisterhood on my Soul Sister Road Trip:

  • Women in a room together 'know' together.
  • Sisterhood is co-creation
  • Sisterhood is listening, acknowledging, witnessing and calling me on my sh*t!
  • Sisterhood is a full heart, open mind and release of judgement.
  • Sisterhood is collective wounding and healing.
  • Sisterhood is divine vulnerability.
  • Sisterhood is asking for help.

This is what I learned about me, because of the Sisters I visited:

  • I can move through my challenges with more grace, openness and clarity when I ask for help. 
  • That each time I shed my layers each woman gifted me with shinier ones.
  • When I ask for help I am strong.
  • That I don't always know best ;)
  • That I attract powerful, loving, wise women in to my life.
  • I am so blessed that each woman made it a priority to 'see' me.
  • I will now own that each woman is a reflection of me.

I wish this for every woman. I wish every woman to go on a Soul Sister Road Trip. I wish that every woman can love, cry, laugh and hurt all while being held in Sisterhood. I wish that every woman experiences Sisterhood daily.

I wish this for you. And I know that is why we are joined here.

Thank YOU.

To my Soul Sisters from my road trip - Cathy Niezen, Melissa Indot, Erin Burch, Katy Lathan, Lien Nguyen, Dawn De La Feunte - You inspire me. Thank you. I love you.




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I want to really be open with you and share with you my biggest fear. My biggest fear is being eaten by a shark and as a surfer that has always been quite a conundrum. Spending time in the ocean where sharks dwell has often brought up a lot of anxiety for me when I've been out in the ocean. Not enough to stop me from surfing all together, but enough times to get me to paddle in. This came to the surface for me again recently. In the last couple of months there's been a lot of news around the sharks coming into the shallower waters, lots of them, some of them great whites.

For a couple of weeks I did not go surfing because I was terrified. When I did actually go surfing my imagination absolutely took hold of me, and this used to happen to me a lot when I surfed in Australia. I would be in the water and I would freak myself out so much that I would have to paddle back in. I wouldn't be able to stay out there because my imagination would literally see a shark underneath me, I would see a shadow, I would visually see in my head a shark coming up and biting me.

We all have very, very vivid imaginations and it's amazing where our fear can really take us. So the last time I was in the surf that happened to me again. I was feeling the anxiety come up and I really wanted to stay in the water. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to continue surfing. If you are connected with the law of retraction you will understand when I say what you focus on expands.

So I had this reality check, "Oh my gosh, the more I focus on this the more this could actually really happen to me." My biggest fear could actually come to life. My imagination just goes wild and gets the better of me. "This could actually really happen to me. There's something that I need to do to change this, to wipe this out of my thought process," and what came into my mind was "I am safe. I am safe, I am safe. I am held. I have the universe around me to support me. My angels." I was bringing in everything that I could in that moment and I kept saying this mantra, "I am safe, I am safe, I am safe." and the more I said it, the more I settled into fully feeling safe. In that moment I really felt absolutely 150% safe.

It was like something washed over me that had never washed over me before, and it was those three simple words, "I am safe." I really, really felt it, and for the first time ever in that moment fully enjoyed the presence of where I was, I fully enjoyed being in the ocean, fully enjoyed surfing with my surfing buddy, fully enjoying the freshness of the water, fully enjoying where I was. I wasn't lingering in the thought that there may be (and there probably was) sharks underneath me.

I wanted to share that with you because it was such a profound moment for me. I deeply felt into those three words, "I am safe." Now I believe when we experience fear in our lives, whether it's fear of not having enough money or whether it's fear of death. Whatever fear that comes up for you just try the three words, "I am safe." Also, "I am held. I am protected." And call in the divinity around you,  know that you are absolutely safe, that the world, that the universe is conspiring for you, not against you. It continues to help me. I have now brought in that simple mantra for many fears. That simple mantra of "I am safe, I am held." It brings me back into my body to know that in the present moment I am absolutely safe.

The experience was so profound for me. I would love if it's profound for you too, three simple words, "I am safe." Yes! No shark's going to come and get you either.




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Hello beautiful. I'm sure like me you've been caught up in the comparison of not having enough Facebook fans, or perhaps Instagram followers, or likes. Whatever it is, we get caught up in the social media world, the marketing world, where, we're constantly told that we need more. That we need to do more, that we need to buy more, that we need to consume more, that we need to have more of an impact. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, enough is enough. You are enough and you have enough! 

So, here's what happened to me. I've been doing more Facebook lives lately and I noticed that I caught myself looking at how many people had been watching it, and when it got to 75 people I was like, "Ugh, only 75 people." And then I though, "Wait? What am I talking about? 75 people have taken the time to watch my Facebook Live. 75 people have heard my message." So what if it's not 175 people? What if it's not thousands of people? It doesn't matter. It's not about how many people, it's about the quality of people. It's about the message that I'm sharing. That even if I effect just one person, they could have a new awakening, and they could show share that share that with someone else and affect even more change. Who knows.

It's like the ripple effect, right? So, like me, how about you stop getting caught up in the comparison of needing more, of needing more followers, and needing more marketing, and needing more this or that, and know that you're exactly where you need to be. That you are enough. That you have enough, and it's not about how many people that you have liking what you have posted on Facebook, or how many fans you have, or how many followers you have, or how many people are watching and liking your Instagram. Whatever it is for you, move aside from the comparison and know that if it's just one person, that we can live in the theory of sufficiency. That less is more. That we can create more with less. That we are exactly who we need to be. That we have enough, and that we are enough. It starts with you, and then you can effect real change.


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Hello, beauties. What I want to share with you is how to find and attract your perfect client, your dream client, or otherwise known as identifying your avatar. I personally really don't like the word avatar. It feels very un-human to me, and when you're working as a service provider, you are dealing with humans. Let's face it.

I'm going to share with you how to really identify your ideal client, your dream client, and then attract that dream client. If you hold on till the end of this, I'm also going to let you in on a really amazing secret that's going to lift the veil on things that marketing people and coaches are making out to be a lot harder than what it is.

Let me go back to the principles of finding your ideal and identifying your dream client. Something that a lot of marketers use is demographics and psychographics. Demographics are basic things like where they live, what their occupation is, what their income is, their sex, how many family members, and so on, and so forth. Psychographics goes that level deeper of why they buy, what they buy, who they spend their time with and where they're spending their time.

This is really great for when you're looking at doing advertising and marketing, so you can speak to that audience very specifically. Coaches and marketing experts also share with you to understand what their pains and gains are, so you can speak to that as well.

I, myself, like to take my clients another level deeper and really get them to understand who their dream client is from the soul of who they are. I encourage you to write these next steps down and do some little writing exercises around this. Ask the following questions:

  1. What do they value?
  2. What are their values?
  3. What are their personality traits?
  4. What are their interests and passions?
  5. Where are they spending their time, and why are they spending their time there,
  6. What makes you and your perfect client click?
  7. What are their expectations of you, and
  8. What boundaries will they respect from you?
  9. Why do they want to work with you?
  10. These simple questions, writing those down, will help you get steps closer into making sure that you attract this dream client. I'll repeat them again.

Who do you really want to attract? Here's the big secret... that's not really such a secret is that your dream client, or if we have to use the word avatar, is you. Like attracts like. It's really that simple. It's really that simple. Get connected with who you are and why you do what you do, your bigger purpose.

Think about all the perfect clients that you have been attracting, the similarities that you have. Or if you're new in business, think about the clients that you really dream to have and go deeper. They really are you. They're a reflection of who you are, and they're a reflection of who you may have been a month ago, or six months ago, or a year ago. They've gone on a similar journey to you. That's why they relate to you, and that is why it's really important to share your bigger why and your story when you're talking about your brand, when you're marketing and attracting those people to work with you.

There you go. There's the big reveal. It's really not that hard. Your perfect client, is you, so go out there and start attracting her.

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Today I'm talking about cracking the code of success. For those of you that have been following me for awhile or are new to following me, the one thing that I really love to talk about is people really stepping into and owning their uniqueness. Yes, I help people with their brand but what that really is, is people their unique message, and really calling forth what makes them stand out... which is exactly who they are, the beauty of who they are, and then helping them step into that. I've been really fanatical and really, really focused lately on studying the greats. I've been listening religiously to a lot of audio books of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, just to name a few and Gay Hendricks if you listened to my last vlog post. All these incredible people talk about the elements of what makes you successful, the things you need to create more prosperity, to bring more love into your life, to be healthier, whatever it is you're looking for in your life.

                                    As I've been listening to all these experts and they have their own processes, they do things in their own way. There's one common denominator I've found through all of them. There's a couple actually, but there's one real key thing that I have found from all of them that if you start implementing it into your life in a daily practice (which is exactly what I do) and it becomes a habit then it is going to take you on atrajectory for bringing more success, abundance, prosperity, health and love into your life.

Get ready....that key thing is visualizing what you want and really, like really crystal clear, visualizing and then feeling it to the point where you feel like it's already in existence. Actually, not that you feel like it's already in existence, that you know that it's already in existence. Visualizing what you want in the near future and in the far future.

                                    It might be something like - you really want to go on a vacation this year to say the Maldives, so start visualizing you being there, in that crystal clear beautiful blue water, staying on those incredible glass bottom huts you can stay in, snorkeling around the reef and experiencing the feeling and the sensation of the water on you and seeing it so clearly not only that you know that you're there in some sort of other plane but you know that it's coming to you. The other thing is maybe looking at a three or a five year plan of what you really really want in your life so to the enth degree, crystal clarity of what you want. Taking it down to the colors, to the scents, to the detail of the house that you live in, the car that you drive, the people that you're having an impact with, the stages that you're speaking on. Whatever it is.

                                    Create your perfect day where you can clearly see what it is that you want in your life and step into that day TODAY. Not only visualizing it and feeling it and seeing it and sensing it and breathing into it and also making little incremental steps. Steps that you can now. What would she or he be doing in that perfect day to day life? How would that person be? How would they show up? There's things that you can start doing now that will put you in that position of being that person. If we go back to that vacation that you're dreaming what would that person be doing to make that manifest in their life?

                                    It could be simple things like just going to the travel agent right? Or, maybe it's going online and looking at what the cost is to fly there. Or looking at the vacation rentals that you want to stay in. Maybe it's putting a deposit down. Right? Visualize your bigger vision, what does that look like? How does that person live? If you want to have somebody that cooks for you every night what do you have to do today to bring that to life? Maybe you start getting a cook to come and cook for you one day a week. Maybe you start with getting your groceries delivered. Really visualize what you want and then take the little tiny incremental steps to make it come to life.

So there's the little secret code that I've seen all the greats do. Visualize, feel it, and then take the steps no matter how small to your success. 

Here's to your success.


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Today I want to talk to you about how to discover your genius by asking the four genius questions that Gay Hendricks outlines in his fantastic book, The Big Leap. If you haven't read it, I really recommend it. We all are geniuses. We are born geniuses. For some reason a lot of us along the way through conditioning, through family, through environment, lose connection with what our genius is.

I'm sharing these four questions for you to ponder on, for you to get curious about. So you can get connected with who you are. This is the true reason why I do these blogs, to help you get you really connect to your own uniqueness. So you can share your gifts in a bigger way.

Question Number 1:  What do you love to do?

What do you absolutely love to do that you would never ever, ever get bored of. You could do it all day long? Now creatives that might be really easy. It could be something like you could paint all day long or you could sculpt. For others it might be going and camping in the wilderness. It might be getting up and speaking in front of audiences. Really think about what you absolutely love to do. It might be going out and collaborating with peers or being with friends. It might be dancing. Whatever it is, what do you love, love, love, love, love to do that you would never, ever get bored of? So really think about that. Make sure you grab a pen and paper, write the four questions down. 

Question number 2:  What work do you do that doesn't feel like work?

It just doesn't seem like work at all. Again you could do it all day long. Time could pass and you wouldn't even be aware of it. It just doesn't feel like work. If you never had to do anything else, you could just do that. So think about that and this is really important. That thing that you love to do all day long where time just isn't an issue. You know those days where sometimes you get up in the morning and you sit down and you start your work and all of a sudden it's like lunch time or it's 4:00 in the afternoon?

Think about those days and what you were doing in those days where time had no influence. This is really key. When you get clear on what that thing or those things are, you prioritize those into your daily life and everything else delegate to someone else. Because those things that you don't like doing, that's going to be in someone else's field of genius. So this going to get you into the flow and ease and abundance of really loving what you do every single day and delegating the rest.

Question number 3: What work do you produce that you love to do and gives you immense satisfaction in the least amount of time?

What work do you love to do that you can do in a really short amount of time? If I use me for an example, I love getting people clear. Clarity is my gift and my genius. I could do that all day long. I'm a fantastic listener. I can see people for who they are. I can tap into my intuition. That is what I love to do all day long. It's give people the gift of clarity through my own gift. I could do that all day long and I could do it in a very, very short amount of time.

This brings us into question number 4. What is your unique ability?

This is really important. I don't want you to get caught up in, well... other people can do what I do. This is about you. Just focus on you. The things that you love to do THAT is your unique ability, that's really specific to you. Because yes, other people will have shared gifts and talents that you have. Other people will have shared unique abilities. But no one is like you. No one has had the same experiences as you. No one has had the same upbringing as you. Has been around the exact same environment as you. 

Really ponder on those four questions. Dig deep. Write them down. Wonder about them. Get really curious. Allow yourself to go there. Put all the peripheral stuff out the side. Don't compare to other people and just allow yourself to get connected to your genius. Let me recap really quickly.

Question number 1: What can you do all day long without getting bored? Question number 2: What do you do in your work that doesn't seem like work? Question number 3: What work can you produce that you love doing in a short amount? And question number 4: What is your unique ability?

Now, write down your answers and here's the other thing when you're thinking about asking these questions. Don't overthink it. Just ask those questions and write down the first thing that comes to the top of your head and they will help you really clear on your answers.

I really encourage you to do this. It's such a great exercise. Go forth and get connected with your genius and then go out and spread it in a bigger way

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