If you have a product or service, often the best forms of marketing is publicity. Media attention doesn't have to be just for celebrities. So, how do you maximize media to get the recognition and awareness to grow your brand?

Well... that's what 3 incredible Public Relations and Media experts are going to share with you...

Tanya Rivas , Louise Grasmehr, and Ashley E Rogers are offering their expertise and knowledge so you will know exactly what you need to do to grab media attention. 

There are certain things that magazines, online platforms and television programs look for. There are specific ways to pitch to the media that will get their attention. And there are ways to maximize your social media to grab media attention too.

These 3 Publicists have extensive knowledge in the media world and they are ready to share their wisdom with YOU.

When I was the Marketing and Creative Director for Speedo we relied 90% on attracting media for the brand. It was our key focus for brand growth and it worked!

So whether you are a coach, designer, artist, photographer, sell goods or are just starting out...DO NOT MISS this event.


About the Panelists:

Public Relations

Tanya Rivas

As the founder of the LA-based publicity practice, PR with Heart™ - it’s the beat, Tanya Rivas brings heart-centered publicity to purpose-driven brands to help them get exposure and create the impact that they want to make.

Ashley E Rogers

Ashley possesses a wealth of professional experience in media relations, event planning, hospitality, promotional development, and community outreach. Ashley is co-founder and managing director of Captivate (www.captivate-pr.com), a public relations and marketing services consultancy that specializes in strategic messaging, product and services branding and positioning, media relations, digital-social-shared media campaigns and event planning.

Louise Grasmehr

Louise Grasmehr has had a 25-year career in journalism and public relations working in newspapers, magazines, the corporate world and government.  She is the owner of LMG Public Relations.

Find out what's really works to get the recognition and exposure to take you and your brand to the next level.

It may be not as tricky as you think...


I guarantee you will leave knowing exactly what you need to capture media attention!

Let's get you OUT THERE!