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Sora Surya No

She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine.

Sora Surya No‘s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world, who their ideal customers are and how to reach them, ways to build a worldwide community that they can leverage for support and partnership, uncovering the fears stalling success and developing rituals for how to work through those blocks, practices for healing the whole self and not just their business, learning how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves, how to ask and receive exactly what the Heart desires, and how to run a successful business from anywhere in the world. 

Tiffany Scott

Tiffany has always been driven to deliver more. More effervescence, more initiative, more SUCCESS. Constantly pushing the edge of her comfort zone, she is a true pioneer in the evolving world of BRANDING and MARKETING.

Tiffany charters a new course into virgin territory. She’s coming for YOU. Along with a tidal wave of positivity, fun and general good vibes, she’s gearing up to teach you the secrets to branding success. With the right tools, anyone can build a business with integrity and longevity. You hold the KEY, but she’s here to EMPOWER you to unlock it and take the next steps.

Based in Los Angeles, the Australian native honed her skills working for powerhouse international brands, from re-injecting life and vibrancy into a household name as iconic as Speedo, she has proved that there is no challenge too great and that it’s all about attitude. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!

Her strength is identifying and fostering the DNA of businesses. That has become her super power. 

The common factor? Everything she does is with SOUL.