As part of our monthly  Speaker Session' you will learn from kick-ass women about the realities of success - the highs, the lows - the real 'stuff' no BS. You'll leave inspired and ready to reach for the stars.

Alicia Dunams is no stranger to success, a former model and best selling author she will share candidly with us what it takes to be a 'wealthy woman'.

The founder of Wealthy Girl Summit and Bestseller in a Weekend, Alicia holds no secrets when it comes to sharing her truth on the journey of entrepreneurship and being a single mother.

She frequently travels the world as an explorer and a speaker, teaching women how to write best-sellers, create business that are aligned with their purpose and to live a life of abundance.

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This is part of our our Connect N' Work event. If you would like to also join us for a full day of co-working, connecting (AKA networking) and business strategy support that includes this 'Speaker Session' you can learn more HERE.

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Join us at for a night of inspiration and real truths - the good, the bad and the no BS about what it really takes to be a Wealthy woman.

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